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Schluter Systems - Path to Excellence!

At Ceramic Tile Supply in Oceanside, CA, we proudly feature Schluter® Systems, the foremost name in tile installation innovation. Our partnership with Schluter® Systems, as an authorized dealer, grants us the privilege of offering an extensive array of cutting-edge tiling solutions to our valued customers. Renowned worldwide, Schluter® Systems is synonymous with superior tile installation products, meticulously crafted to elevate the performance, endurance, and visual allure of tiled surfaces.

Our collaboration with Schluter® Systems empowers us to provide our customers with access to the latest advancements in tiling installation technology and a wide selection of premium products. This includes state-of-the-art shower systems, edge-protection profiles, uncoupling membranes, and electric floor warming systems, among other innovative solutions. Moreover, our status as an authorized dealer signifies our capability to offer expert guidance and support to customers seeking to incorporate Schluter® Systems' products into their tiling projects, ensuring a quality result that exceeds their expectations and stands the test of time.

Tile Edging and Protective Profiles

Schluter® Systems offers an extensive selection of finishing and edge-protection profiles, available in a diverse range of shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. Crafted from top-quality materials, these profiles guarantee enduring durability and exceptional performance for all your tiling endeavors. What's more, they unlock a world of design possibilities and stand as aesthetically pleasing alternatives to traditional trim pieces.

Waterproofing Excellence

Schluter® Systems provides a flexible and user-friendly sheet-applied waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder, specifically engineered for seamless tile application. Its adaptability and suitability for a wide range of wet areas, including tiled showers, bathtub surrounds, and steam showers, make it the ideal solution for maintaining enduring waterproofing and effective vapor control.

Reliable Shower Drains

Schluter® Systems delivers an array of innovative shower drain solutions designed to revolutionize your bathroom's functionality. These shower drains feature a significantly enlarged contact area, guaranteeing a secure and durable connection with the waterproofing membrane. This robust connection is engineered to facilitate efficient water drainage, eliminating any concerns about leaks or the potential for gases from the waste system backing up into your building. Schluter® Systems, you can trust that your shower drains are built to exceed industry standards, delivering peace of mind and a refreshing shower experience every time.

Shower Drains
Floor Warming
Comfort with Floor Warming

Schluter® Systems seamlessly combines luxury and practicality, infusing the comfort of an electric floor warming system with the timeless elegance and durability of tile. The innovative DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system incorporates uncoupling technology, safeguarding your tiles and grout from cracks while providing customizable heating zones. What's more, the installation process is both swift and straightforward, eliminating the need for leveling compounds.