Tile & Stone Brands in a Oceanside tile store

At Ceramic Tile Supply, we are happy to offer an exceptional selection of high-quality tiles from around the world. Whether you’re working with a tight budget or looking for a luxury option, we have tiles that fit every price point. Our experienced staff is available to help you buy tile from our vast selection of porcelain, ceramic, glass, and natural stone. We understand that buying tiles can be a big investment, and we strive to make it an easy and enjoyable process.

Whether you’re updating a single room or your entire home, we have the tiles you need to bring your vision to life. Come visit our tile store in Oceanside, CA or browse online and explore our extensive collection!
Adex USA offers a canvas of possibilities, from elegant kitchen backsplashes to alluring bathroom floors and distinctive fireplaces. As a leading American tile company, Adex USA champions eco-friendly production processes, delivering a captivating and uniquely creative tile catalog that resonates with homeowners and contractors who prioritize responsible choices.
For over six decades, American Olean has been an unwavering advocate of the ’Made in America’ philosophy, producing top-tier residential and commercial tiles and flooring products. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company’s impressive portfolio finds homes in the US, Canada, and beyond. Their tiles and mosaics are versatile and can be used in various settings.
When it comes to transforming interior spaces or turning your dream pool into a reality, Aquabella offers a stunning selection of American tiles to meet every stylistic aspiration. Drawing from international influences, the company’s range of porcelain, glass, and mosaic tiles provides a vibrant and appealing finish that’s sure to capture the hearts of homeowners.
Arizona Tile unveils the world of American-made tile in a breathtaking array of designs, colors, and effects to cater to every design palette. With a keen focus on quality, they offer the most exquisite tiles, crafting an extraordinary collection that’s reshaping the aesthetics of both residential and commercial spaces.
From natural stone, ceramic, and mosaic to limestone, cement, and an extensive selection of floor and wall tiles, the ARTO collection epitomizes the essence of timeless design. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen eye for aesthetics, this American tile company offers a fusion of quality and style that’s ideally suited for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor renovations.
Ascot Ceramiche, the distinguished Italian tile company, is your gateway to turning even the most ambitious interior design visions into stunning reality. Their extensive range of ceramic and porcelain tiles for floors and walls offers an exceptional blend of form and function, enabling you to transform your dreams into reality, one tile at a time.
Intricately tied to the influences of the Italian wonder that is Fiorano Modenese, Atlas Concorde has taken the world by storm with its unique approach to ceramics production. Each Italian tile produced by the company is infused with a rich culture and an attention to detail that is utterly remarkable.
Bedrosian Tile and Stone is one of the best and most famous American tile brands that has been going above and afar for decades. This brand shines due to variety and style. Their company’s catalog offers many exceptional options for both floors and walls. Moreover, their beautiful tile collections suit any home or office style.
Seemingly endless options are offered to you when you consider Cepac Tile for your next design project. This American brand’s extensive variety of Japanese tiles has set it apart, as has its loyalty to quality and environmental sustainability. Cepac Tile is an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces!
Having been in business since 1983, this proudly Italian tile brand has been driven by the latest trends in ceramic combined with a quest to continually create truly eternal tile designs. The company’s products are designed for the most discerning tastes, and reflects its passion for Italian tile excellence.
Cerdomus’ passion for exquisite ceramics is evident in each and every tile the company produces. As a cherished source of Italian tile for many decades, the company has earned its reputation built on refined craftsmanship and inspiring designs. Cerdomus is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.
As one of the most storied Italian tile brands that has been a leader in the industry since the 19th century, Cooperative Ceramic d’Imola never ceases to top even its own high quality standards. The brand oversees an enormous catalog of effects including marble, stone, wood, concrete, and numerous others.
Crossville seems to have it all when it comes to exceptional construction quality, material diversity, and aesthetic choices. They have incorporated ceramic, glass, natural stone, and porcelain into their extensive line of American tile products. Your perfect Crossville tile is available in a wide range of applications, styles, and colors.
Through the implementation of breakthrough scanning, printing, and manufacturing technologies that have revolutionized tile production, DalTile has been an authority in the American tile industry for decades. The company’s mesmerizing designs are applied to ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and natural stone tiles for a selection that defies all expectations.
With flooring options for residential, commercial, and exterior locations, Del Conca USA ensures that its products can be utilized in any conceivable fashion. Add in styles that include marble, wood, stone, and brick, and it’s clear why so many customers rely on the American tile company for their renovations.
Eleganza is known for its fresh take on modern sensibilities. American tile collections span a vast array of styles, colors, and applications for maximum customization and effortless grandeur in homes and businesses alike. Explore your inner creativity with an exclusive design from Eleganza’s selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles.
A uniquely American tile that draws inspiration from a multitude of natural and cultural sources, Elysium sets the bar high for what can be done with porcelain, marble, ceramics, and mosaics. The diverse collection means that there are options for kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and all types of commercial spaces.
This American tile brand was founded in 2000 as the flagship subsidiary of the Italian tile giant, Emil Group, for the American market. Emilceramica tiles find their place in an array of settings, gracing the floors and walls of homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, and commercial spaces. Their versatility and quality make them a choice fit for any project.
Based in Castellón, Equipe Ceramicas utilizes the rich cultural source that is Spain for its beloved tile collections. There are tiles suited for all types of spaces, and a generous selection of sizes, colors, and shapes offers the perfect opportunity to reflect your personal style with this Spanish tile brand.
There is certainly no shortage of tile collections when it comes to Florida Tile. The American tile company is beloved for its wide assortment of porcelain and ceramic tiles that incorporate quality materials and natural influences for a finished product that enhances the grandeur of kitchens, bathrooms, and more.
Proudly unconventional in its approach to glass tiles, Glazzio Tile is one of the most unique companies that specializes in American tile. An unwavering dedication to glass tile has allowed the company to become a true innovator in the space, crafting singular solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and pools.
Founded in the early 90’s, Happy Floors is an American tile company that has stamped its mark on the US tile market. With decades of experience in the importation and distribution of Italian and Spanish porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles, the company is now the US’s largest importer. Happy Floors tiles are a mainstay in many American homes, offices, and public spaces.
Creating spectacular glass tiles and surfaces has been the primary focus of Hirsch Glass since its inception. The American tile company draws inspiration from numerous sources to infuse each glass tile with a distinct style. The marvelously original result is something you won’t find anywhere else.
For ceramic and porcelain tile that is the embodiment of Latin American style, Ilva is a prime choice for homes and businesses seeking an upscale feel. Each Argentinian tile from the company is expertly crafted and terrifically styled for a brilliant outcome that never ceases to amaze.
Ambitious renovations and small projects alike benefit from the beautiful collections that Iris US is known for. Internationally recognized as one of the essential American tile brands, Iris US’s enchanting designs can be enjoyed in many of the world’s most upscale homes, airports, shopping malls, and hotels.
Elegant collections and strong partnerships with today’s leading designers have expanded Jeffrey Court’s offerings to include a wide array of American tile. From glass mosaics that shimmer in natural light to elegant natural stone field tiles, the company’s stunning designs look phenomenal in any residential or commercial context.
Marazzi USA offers a diverse range of collections, some of which are entirely manufactured in the United States, embodying the essence of American tile craftsmanship. While the company boasts a strong Italian heritage, it is reflected in several lines of ceramic tiles that feature a wide spectrum of effects, including marble, mosaic, natural stone, and wood.
In selecting an Italian tile brand that will bring grandeur and sophistication to your home or business, Marca Corona is a choice that will stand the test of time. Each floor and wall tiles are designed and manufactured in Italy with the latest production technologies for an exceptional finish.
Years of hard-earned experience in the tile industry have made Mediterranea a reputable choice for homeowners and contractors seeking American tile guided by Italian fashion. The company’s porcelain tiles are available in a variety of rustic and contemporary effects for a result that both delights and impresses.
A staggering collection of tiles for both residential and commercial spaces has fueled the relentless growth of MS International, Inc. over the last several decades. Whether you’re looking for luxury natural stone tile, glass tile for a stunning backsplash, or creative mosaics, this American tile company has it all.
Renovating a small or large space with gorgeous new tile is an effortless endeavor when you choose Pan American Ceramics. With countless designs, colors, effects, and sizes for any space in a home or business, the American tile company makes the tile selection process a joy.
State-of-the-art facilities in both the United States and Italy have brought Panaria a rare level of international acclaim. The Italian tile brand excels in creating passionate new designs and pushing the limits of tile to craft innovative solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces.
With its rich cultural aesthetic and a focus on creating warm and inviting spaces, Porcelanosa offers a comprehensive range of design options. As a Spanish tile company, it invites you to explore the latest and most innovative designs to elevate your living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. The company opens the door to limitless opportunities for achieving contemporary excellence.
At the intersection of functionality and innovation is where homeowners and contractors will find Roca Tile. The esteemed brand has created a catalog awash with creative takes on floor and wall tiles for spaces of all types and sizes. Count on Roca Tile for superior performance with Spanish tile elegance.
From the moment a design is initially conceived to a tile’s final touches by a master craftsman, Settecento carefully considers every aspect of ceramic production. This highly-methodical production process brings a superior level of quality and creativity to each superior Italian tile produced by the company.
To say that SomerTile oversees a massive assortment of tiles would be a profound understatement. The well-known supplier of American tile is consistently adding new designs to an already-unbelievable selection of ceramic tiles with natural stone, marble, and wood effects, just to name a few.
Propelled by a philosophy that blends together eternal creative development and a search for the most cutting-edge production technologies, Unicom Starker is a leading manufacturer of Italian tile that has always embraced the future. As a result, the company’s revolutionary approach to porcelain design looks magnificent in all settings.
The enhancement of residential and commercial spaces is a straightforward and even pleasant process when you choose Unicorn tiles. Collections of American tile include a healthy assortment of porcelain, ceramic, and mosaic tiles that come in beautiful finishes like glossy, polished, and matte for heavenly results.
Wow redefines the remodeling experience, offering a world of possibilities with its outstanding ceramic tiles. With a deep-rooted commitment to innovation, this Spanish tile company prides itself on pioneering the latest tile technology and manufacturing techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of ceramic production.
Zen Paradise stands tall as an iconic American tile company, celebrated for its extraordinary creations meticulously crafted from natural Indonesian raw materials. Just as the name suggests, Zen Paradise draws profound inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. Their portfolio boasts an array of one-of-a-kind tile designs, each a unique testament to their deep connection with nature.